The Office of the Virgin Islands Marshal are responsible to ensure that the jury is not improperly influenced, that the jury is promptly available in Court when required, and that the physical needs of the jurors are accommodated.

The jury is rarely kept overnight. In most cases that last more than one day, the jurors are sent home but are warned not to discuss the case. If you are sent home during the course of a trial, you must observe this warning conscientiously. To do otherwise would be to compromise your fellow citizens’ right to a fair trial. 

Most cases heard by the Superior Court last two or three days. During an ongoing case, lunch is provided for all sitting jurors.

If you are selected to hear a case, you will be given a juror’s badge which must be worn throughout the duration of the case. This will identify you as a juror and help to ensure that no one inadvertently comments to you about a case.