Pursuant to 12 V.I. Code Ann. § 99a(c)(4), any person charged with a conservation offense within the authority of the violations clerk may appear in person before the clerk, and upon signing a plea of guilty and waiver of trial, pay the fine established for the offense charged, plus costs; provided that prior to signing the plea and waiver and making the payment, he shall be informed of his right to stand trial, that his signature to a plea of guilty will have the same effect as a court judgment, and that the record of conviction will be sent to the Commissioner of the Virgin Islands Police Department.

Persons Residing Outside the Judicial District
Pursuant to 12 V.I. Code Ann. § 99a (c)(5), any person residing outside the judicial district in which he is charged with a conservation offense may, as an alternative to personal appearance before the violations clerk, determine the amount of the fine and costs, and forthwith mail a certified check to the violations clerk for the total amount, accompanied by a signed plea of guilty and waiver of trial.

Previous Conservation Offenses
In accordance with 12 V.I. Code Ann. § 99a (d), no person who has been found guilty or has signed a plea of guilty to three conservation offenses in one calendar year shall be permitted to appear before the violations clerk unless the Court shall, by general order applying to certain specified offenses, permit such appearance conditioned upon the payment of a substantially increased fine, the amount of which shall be specified in the general order.